Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The following are a few commissioned cards i done a while back but since i have not blogged for so long i thought i would pop them up for you to have a look at hope you like them x 

                              This was a commissioned wedding card i done for a friend

This was the cake i made for my eldest son for his 4th birthday, i thought he would want spiderman, hulk or batman as he is hugely in to the superheroes at the minute but out of the blue he said he wanted a shrek cake!!! i thought oh no!!!! how do i do that so this is what i came up with, shrek, donkey and gingi swimming in the swamp!!!!!

                these are 2 more commissioned cards i done for my friends twins 5th birthday

This was for my youngest sons 1st birthday George the pig from Peppa pig, now i know why i               havnt blogged in so long, been too busy making bloomin birthday cakes!!!!!!

                                           another few older commissioned cards

Hopefully i will be adding a few more cards shortly busy stating on x mas cards so watch this space.........

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